Pests and their biology

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Here you can find important information about pests, their biology and the potential damage that they can cause.

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In recent years, pests which affect stored products, the home and hygiene have become a serious problem. Insects, mites, rats and mice do not belong in our food or our kitchens. In addition to the damage which they cause through their tireless eating, they can also transmit microorganisms to work surfaces, devices and our foods. The increase in food and animal feed poisoning in recent years is partly due to pests which affect stored products and hygiene. Pests which cause material damage, such as common clothes moths, are occurring more and more frequently as we are increasingly using natural fibres.

Under “Pests”, you can find a list of the most significant pests which affect stored products, the home and hygiene. They are sorted into the following problem areas: beetles, moths, flies, ants, vermin, rodents.