Professional use

We develop and market products for the agricultural sector and industry. By doing so we are making an important contribution to the protection of harvests, storage and/or the direct prevention of diseases. The diversified nature of our portfolio enables us to combat damage to stocks, material and the respective hygiene arrangements.

Requirements as well as types of storage and cultivation change – just like the adjustments in our product portfolio. As a company with many years of expertise and a strong link to our customers, we are available in an advisory capacity with a wide-ranging portfolio so that we can offer solutions for individual problems and demands.

Our products cover the entire range of needs that are relevant for the professional combating of pests and vermin and are accredited for all forms of stocked goods that are stored under a variety of conditions. These include silos, granaries, halls, silo cells or stored sack piles and empty spaces. For containers, ships and wagons, too, we provide the products and services that you need.

In addition to that, we offer an extensive portfolio for monitoring the basis for efficient and successful pest control in the storage environment. We put our faith in a proven, scientifically verified and constantly optimised monitoring system featuring highly efficient pheromone technology. The system was developed especially for professional users.

The latest findings from our own research and development, plus continuous further development activities, play their part in ensuring that the products meet their requirements.

Our motivation are our customers’ needs.