Rats and mice

Rats and mice as broadly seen species have a worldwide impact in our everyday life and can be a real problem in domestic, urban, rural and agricultural areas by spoiling many resources and threatening your well-being.

They are a danger/threat for agriculture and stored food. They can spoil and contaminate food/feed and spread diseases to human and domestic animals. A lot of damages are also caused to electrical devices and power lines.

They are most likely to move inside when the weather becomes cool and wet.

We provide solutions wherever the rats and mice are present:

  • for indoor use (in houses, offices, barns, storage etc.) we recommend the use of anticoagulant-based rodenticides.
  • for damages caused on agricultural fields and plantation, we recommend the use of either anticoagulant-based rodenticides or metal-phosphide fumigants/rodenticides
  • for damages in outdoor areas, which are no agricultural fields like sports facilities, dams/dikes, railroad-tracks, parks, airports etc., we recommend the use of the metal-phosphide fumigants