Ants belong to the class of insecta. Due to their way of living and their biology, they are characterized which makes them the high population. Depending on the species, ants are attracted by sweet food sources, which makes them to the most common visitors on balconies, terraces, in houses and gardens.

Our ant products are approved for the control of Lasius niger (black garden ant) and available/registered in many countries. Please check sales possibilities and conditions for your country with your responsible Area Sales Manager



Our recipe for the ant bait tin is based in a formulation/mixture, which mainly consists of the active ingredient Spinosad (0.8 g/kg), sugar and water. This formulation is put onto a cellulose pad and fixed into the tin.  


Our recipe for the ant powder- / granule is based on a formulation/mixture, which  mainly consists of the active ingredient Permethrin (0.5 g/kg), sugar and water.


Ant Bait Tin

Tin made of aluminium. Additional packaging possible (blister cards, folding boxes, displays, etc.) 

Content:  5 g net / tin

Ant powder- / granule


  • 80 g aluminium foil bags
  • 100 g PE-bags
  • 250/500 g plastic bottles
  • 5 kg plastic buckets


Ant Bait Tin

1 tin per approx. 12 m²
For heavy infestations use 2 tins.

Place the tin along the walkways of the ants in the house, on balconies or terraces. Open tin at the side on the markings. Only remove the tins when there is no more presence of ants.

Ant Powder- / granules

The product can be used for scattering or pouring.  

Pour product onto visible walkways of the ants near houses and on terraces (10 g/m²).

Mix 100 g product with 10 l water and dispense the mixture slowly into cracks or similar until the surface is evenly moist. Herewith you secure that the nest is fully floated with the mixture.


Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.