Corona Information (08.04.2020)

Responsibility and Social commitment–our first priority in times of corona crisis

 For decades Detia Freyberg Group has contributed to help protecting and conserving the world’s food supply.

Facing the current COVID 19 pandemic, this challenge has become more important than ever. We as Detia Freyberg Group are working not only to maintain our continuous performance but also to support measures introduced by our government to help prevent the spread of the corona virus. To us health and safety of our employees, customers and business partners are of utmost priority. For this reason, we took far-reaching measures to minimize the risk of infection at our premises. Wherever possible our employees are instructed to work from home office. Employees with workplaces on site are required to follow strict safety and hygiene instructions as well as to always keep appropriate space between each other.

The continuous supply of our products and services to our customers are ensured by our efficient operational procedures in spite of the current difficult conditions.

Detia Freyberg Group is the only company in Europe producing metal phosphides for pest protection and together with food industry and agriculture, one of the sectors of the economy of “systemic importance”. Therefore, it is our responsibility to continue our contribution to the safety of food supplies worldwide, especially in times of crisis.

Thank you for having placed your trust in us.